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Wix SEO Battle: What is it, and Why Does it Matter?

It’s a question we get asked time and time again: Is Wix as good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress?

It’s a topic that’s been fiercely debated, both in SEO circles and our comments section. We’ve also covered it in great detail in our Wix SEO review and our website builder SEO vs WordPress SEO comparison.

Wix has always been quick to defend its SEO capabilities, and is constantly developing exciting new features to improve in this area. But the proof is, as they say, in the pudding – and that’s where the Wix SEO Battle comes in!


What is the Wix SEO Battle?

The Wix SEO Battle will see two SEO agencies compete to win the top spot in the SERPs for the term ‘Wix SEO’ over a sixth month period.

Wix SEO Battle
Whether you're a Wix Lover or a Wix Hater, there's $25,000 up for grabs

One SEO agency – ‘The Wix SEO Lovers’ – will be harnessing the power of Wix to take their site to the top.

The other SEO agency – the ‘The Wix SEO Haters’ – will be using any other platform to try to outrank their Wix rivals.

The competition closes on December 29, 2019. The agency ranking highest for this term will receive a well-earned $25,000 reward, while the losing agency will also receive a tidy sum of $10,000. The results will be announced two weeks after the end date.


Why does it matter?

Website builders have a bad reputation among SEO experts. When they first emerged, they were slow and limiting. In fact, many still are.

Wix, however, has really worked to build strong SEO capabilities over the years – but the memory of its far more basic predecessor lives on.

The Wix SEO Battle results could prove significant to the ongoing Wix vs CMS SEO debate.

Of course, it’s not a completely fair test – a large amount of the success of each site will be down to the expertise of each competing agency – but merely being able to prove that a Wix site doesn’t damage your chances of ranking could dispel the supposed final website builder ‘con’ once and for all.

Whatever the result, this competition is going to provide a great case study for both platforms, and the opportunity to really drill down into their specific strengths and limitations.


Wix SEO: the SERP-topping features we’re backing

Canonical URLs, 301 redirects and the ability to add structured data are all features that Wix has launched this year alone – yep, it’s really going to town with its advanced SEO functionality, and the battle is the perfect place to put this to the test.  

Here are some of our favourite Wix SEO features:

  1. Wix Turbo – When it comes to nailing SEO, site speed is of the essence. New Wix Turbo technology means Wix sites are faster now than ever before.
  2. Wix SEO Wiz – It’s Wix’s secret weapon – a personalized plan developed for each user that makes SEO accessible to everyone. It won’t tell SEO experts anything new, but it’s great for helping novices nail the basics.
  3. Mobile responsiveness – Simple, but vital. Wix does a great job of keeping all its 500 templates mobile-responsive, an essential for SEO success today.

Could Wix’s SEO actually be… better? A case study

Mark Preston, an SEO Expert, moved his highly successful site from WordPress to Wix. Much to his surprise, his site saw a huge uplift as a result.

We caught up with the ‘straight-talking SEO’ guru to discuss Wix’s SEO functionality, find out how he went from Wix sceptic to Wix fan, and to get his Wix SEO Battle predictions:

Wix SEO according to Mark Preston (SEO Trainer, Speaker and Consultant)


Q: Which recently released (last 6 months) Wix SEO features have you found most valuable?


A: Wix released the ‘Advanced SEO Feature’ which allows you to change the canonical tag and add structured data to individual pages. To get ranked in the featured snippet (position 0), being able to add schema to the page is a massive bonus.


Q: What SEO capabilities is Wix still missing? How has this held you back from optimizing the performance of your website?


A: I would say, hosting images attached to the domain. I do however know that Wix has this on its development roadmap.


Q: Based on your experience, what are the most common misconceptions of Wix’s SEO capabilities?


A: Perception of WIX is based on outdated knowledge and information. SEOs tried Wix a few years ago and it was trash, so they still believe it is trash. Wix has made massive improvements over the past 18 months which people outside the Wix community are not aware of.

The biggest misconception has to be – “WIX is no good for SEO”. That is not true as I have proven within my Wix SEO case study, which caused quite a stir within the SEO community.


Q: And finally, who do you think will win the Wix SEO battle test? Wix or other?


A: Honestly? It all depends on who the chosen two agencies are. If they are on par with each other, I believe that Wix will win.

Well, you heard it here first! Thanks for sharing your insights, Mark.


Keen to get involved? Here’s how

If you’re reading about the Wix SEO Battle thinking ‘Hey, I can do that!’, here’s how to get involved with the SERP-topping competition of the century:

  • You’ll need to be either an SEO agency, freelancer or consultant
  • You need to enter via Wix’s website as either a ‘Wix SEO Lover’ or a ‘Wix SEO Hater’ by June 6, 2019

It’s also worth casting your eye over this page of rules and regs to check you’re eligible and clear on the process.

For the rest of you – grab a box of popcorn and join us as we obsessively refresh the SERPS and watch the weekly updates roll in on Wix’s site!

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