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Thanks for your question – I’m happy to help you out here! First, just to make things clear – if you already have a domain registered elsewhere and want to use that domain for the address of your Weebly site, you can do this without actually transferring your domain to Weebly. All you need to do is “point” your domain to your new Weebly site! You can then keep the domain registered where it is. Transferring your domain to Weebly means that Weebly will then be your registrar, and you’ll manage and renew the domain through your Weebly account. You don’t have to transfer your domain to Weebly if you don’t want to. I hope that makes sense!

So, to answer your question about transferring your domain (so that Weebly is your new registrar): If your domain ends in .com, .net, or .org then you can transfer it to Weebly. You visit the Domains page in your Weebly account, click the transfer button there, and type your domain into the window that appears. Click Next, which will take you to a checkout page where you add a year to your domain’s registration. You then need to carry out a few more steps before transfer is complete. Here’s Weebly’s guide on transferring your domain.

If that’s not what you had in mind, here’s Weebly’s guide on How to Use a Domain You Purchased Elsewhere. It helps to explain the difference between your two options, and has some handy next steps. Unless you really want to transfer your domain, I would recommend simply pointing the domain to your Weebly site as it’s much easier!

I hope that’s helped, and wasn’t too confusing – domains can be tricky things! Thanks for reading, and best of luck with your decision –