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SiteGround Pricing Review 2020

SiteGround is well known for its reliability and happy customers. In fact, the hosting provider boasts a 99.7% happiness rating from those who use its service.

But what about SiteGround’s pricing? Are its plans good value for money? And does it offer any special discounts? Below, we’ll answer all that and more.

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SiteGround review

In order to help you discover what way that is, we’ve put in hours of research to find you the best features and deals. For those in a rush, here’s a first look at how well SiteGround performed in our research across some key hosting areas, including that all important ‘Value’ score:

4 out of 5

Types of Hosting

4.5 out of 5 stars


5 out of 5 stars

Hosting Features

4.5 out of 5 stars

Value For Money

3 out of 5 stars


4 out of 5 stars

As you can see, SiteGround’s value for money score looks pretty average. What’s important, though, is being able to sift through its overpriced plans and unearth the ones of genuine value – which we’ll highlight throughout.

If you want to take a more overall look of what SiteGround is all about, have a read of our dedicated SiteGround review.

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Shared Hosting Prices

Shared hosting is the most basic – and generally cheapest – type of hosting. If you’re looking to get your website online for as little as possible, shared hosting is your best bet.

SiteGround’s pricing structure for shared hosting can get a little confusing, so bear with us.

SiteGround has three shared hosting plans, which range from $3.95/month to $11.95/month. This price is only applicable to your first term, however, meaning once it’s over (you can commit to a one, two, or three year term), you’ll be charged full price.

Regular pricing starts at $11.95/month. The ‘special prices’, as SiteGround calls them, are essentially loyalty discounts. If you do commit to paying for hosting for the next three years upfront, great! You’ll save between 66% and 70% every single month.

SiteGround shared hosting prices
SiteGround’s shared hosting pricing is quite middle of the road when compared to other top providers.

The issue is, not everyone’s so confident in committing to a provider for that long. If you only want to pay for a year and see how it goes, you’ll only get 12 months at the ‘special price’.

SiteGround’s shared hosting prices are fairly middle of the road, too. You can get cheaper discounted rates (and a better product) from the likes of HostGator or Bluehost, while 1&1 IONOS even offers shared hosting for a buck a month for the first year!

SiteGround Shared Hosting Features

Below are a few key features you can expect from SiteGround, and how its plans differ.

Feature StartUp GrowBig GoGeek
SSL Security
Daily Backups
cPanel Dashboard
SuperCacher X
Priority Support X X

We appreciate these terms may be unfamiliar, so here’s a quick overview of what each one means:

SSL Security – A certificate that secures your visitor’s data when they browse and interact with your website. You can tell if a site has SSL by the little padlock symbol next to the URL.

Daily Backups – SiteGround lets you restore your site to a previous state, should you run into trouble. These backups happen daily, so that’s the last point you’ll be able to restore from.

cPanel Dashboard – Think of this as your control center. Used by nearly all of the big hosting providers, cPanel is a dashboard where you can make changes to your site and its hosting.

SuperCacher – Once someone has visited your site, SiteGround’s SuperCacher will store a copy of the page they visited. This means that if they come back to the page at a later date, it’ll load faster for them.  

Priority Support – SiteGround offers 24/7 support to all its customers via tickets, live chat, and phone. If you’re on the GoGeek plan, your help requests will be prioritised ahead of other customers.  

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Cloud Hosting Prices

Cloud hosting gives you the perfect balance of power and affordability. Rather than tying you down to one server, it pulls resources from lots of different places, creating a ‘virtual’ server instead.

SiteGround offers four cloud hosting plans, as well as the ability to create your own custom plan. Set plan prices range from $80/month to $240/month, while a top spec custom made plan could set you back a whopping $2,100/month.

SiteGround cloud hosting prices
SiteGround’s cloud hosting is very flexible, and lets you choose your own resource limits.

These plans are incredibly expensive in comparison to other providers. A2 Hosting, for example, provides cloud hosting from as little as $5. SiteGround’s service may be more powerful, but in our opinion, it doesn’t warrant the eye-watering monthly fees.

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Dedicated Hosting Prices

Dedicated hosting is for large businesses whose sites attract thousands of visitors per month. It’s widely seen as the most powerful type of hosting.

There are three SiteGround dedicated hosting plans, all of which are frighteningly expensive. The Entry plan will set you back $269/month, and to upgrade, you’ll be looking at either the Power plan ($349/month) or the Super Power plan ($729/month).

SiteGround dedicated hosting prices
SiteGround has three dedicated hosting packages which are very powerful, but very pricey.

From our research, we found HostGator to be the best provider for dedicated hosting. Not only that, HostGator’s most expensive plan only costs $20 more than SiteGround’s Entry plan. Madness!

SiteGround does have some very powerful features, though. The service is fully managed for you, there’s 24/7 VIP support, and the service integrates seamlessly with sites built on all major content management systems, including WordPress, Joomla, and Magento.

You can also choose where you would like your server to be housed – in the US, Europe, or Asia. A tip is to have your server located nearest to where the majority of your site’s visitors are based – the less distance the data has to travel, the faster your site will load.

That said, we still found SiteGround’s plans to be overpriced. 1&1 IONOS came out top in our research for dedicated hosting value for money.

SiteGround Dedicated Hosting Features

Dedicated hosting is all about power – how much storage you get, what your bandwidth limits are, and the speed of your website’s performance. Below, you can see exactly how powerful your site could be with each plan.

Feature Entry Power Super Power
SSD Storage 480GB 960GB 2 x 960GB
RAM 16GB 32GB 64GB
Bandwidth 10TB 10TB 10TB
CPU Cores 4 4 2 x 6

SSD Storage – Solid State Drives help store your site’s information. They are more modern than traditional hard drives, and help your site load faster.

RAM – Random Access Memory is different to SSD, in that it stores data temporarily. It will help run your website when requested, before deleting the request once complete. This is so that information can be stored indefinitely.

Bandwidth – Bandwidth is the transfer of your site’s data from its server to a computer when someone lands on your website. The more bandwidth you have, the more people can access your site simultaneously.

CPU Cores – Central Processing Units can be thought of as the brain of your computer. They help run tasks, and keep everything ticking over. The more you have, the more ‘intelligent’ your site is, meaning it can perform tasks quicker.

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WordPress Hosting Prices

WordPress hosting is designed specifically for websites built on WordPress. It comes with a bunch of cool features that make hosting a WordPress site super easy.

There are three WordPress hosting plans on SiteGround. For all intents and purposes, they are the same plans SiteGround uses for shared hosting, ranging from $3.95/month to $11.95/month.

Similar to shared hosting, these prices are only available for your initial signup period, which can be between one and three years. After that, prices are back to the regular fees of $11.95/month – $34.95/month.

SiteGround wordpress hosting prices
SiteGround’s WordPress hosting works off the same plans as its shared hosting.

SiteGround is personally recommended by WordPress, and offers great value for money. For context, WordPress’ other recommended providers – Bluehost and DreamHost – start their plans at $29.99/month and $19.95/month respectively.

If you run an ecommerce store on WordPress, you can even get specific hosting for WooCommerce too. In short, SiteGround’s WordPress hosting is one of its very best services.

SiteGround WordPress Hosting Features

Because SiteGround uses the same plans for its WordPress hosting as its shared hosting, the features are the same. You do get some added WordPress extras, though, which are available on all three plans. These include:

One-Click Installs – SiteGround has a built-in function which allows you to integrate your WordPress website with its cPanel dashboard in just one simple click.

Automated Updates – SiteGround provides automated updates to all WordPress software. Minor updates occur every two weeks, while major ones happen every couple of months. This is something that’s taken care of for you.

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Reseller Hosting Prices

Reseller hosting is where you purchase a year’s worth of hosting, then sell it on to someone else. It’s usually used by web design agencies and developers who want to offer clients more than just website creation, or those looking to start their own web hosting company.

Reseller hosting works in a very different way to other types of web hosting. You purchase ‘credits’, which are the equivalent of one year’s worth of shared hosting. These can then be resold to others for a monthly fee.

Essentially, you become the middleman between the hosting provider and the person who’s actually using the hosting service. SiteGround offers three different tiers of pricing, which are based on how many credits you buy.

One to four credits will cost you $49 each. Five to ten cost $45, while 11+ are $42. You need to buy at least five credits to get started, and you can sell these to anyone, anytime.

SiteGround reseller hosting prices
SiteGround’s reseller hosting works on a credit system. Each credit represents one year’s worth of shared hosting.

Think of reseller hosting like asking someone to design a WordPress website for you. They don’t own WordPress, but they’re highly knowledgeable, and are on-hand to help you. If you sell hosting, you need to know how it works, and should support those you sell it to.

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Enterprise Hosting Prices

Enterprise hosting is a plan designed by you. You decide what resources you need, and how your site will be hosted. The provider will manage everything for you, but what they manage is entirely up to you.

SiteGround’s enterprise hosting is bespoke to you. Because of that, there is no set pricing, with plans working on a quote-by-quote basis.

Your best bet is to get in contact with SiteGround directly to discuss your exact hosting requirements.


An example of where SiteGround has provided an enterprise package is with GreenPeace. The environmental charity had very specific needs, because it anticipated huge spikes in traffic when running a ‘Save the Amazon’ campaign.

SiteGround’s solution was to build a hosting plan across two data centers – one US-based, the other in Europe – and design a private cloud infrastructure for high redundancy with no signal point failure.

Thanks to SiteGround, GreenPeace successfully managed to handle all the traffic spikes that came with the heavy media coverage, and is now nudging closer to its fundraising target.

Additional SiteGround Costs

One thing that’s crucial to getting your website online is purchasing a domain name.

SiteGround covers a lot of things that you may have to pay extra for with other providers – security, backups, a website builder, etc. – but one thing you will have to fork over for is a domain name.

Your domain name is what appears after www. – for example: ‘websitebuilderexpert.com’

The cost of a domain varies depending on what type of domain you want – .com is the most common, with SiteGround charging $15.95/year for these domains.

SiteGround domain prices
You can purchase a domain with SiteGround at the same time you sign up to its hosting plans.

For a quick pricing breakdown of the most popular domain endings, see our table below:

Domain SiteGround Price
.com $15.95/year
.net $17.95/year
.org $17.95/year
.info $17.95/year
.co.uk $19.95/year
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SiteGround Pricing: Summary

And… breathe. That’s all the types of hosting SiteGround offers – all its individual pricing plans, under one roof.

By now, you should know what sort of features your website needs, which type of hosting you need, and which plan suits these needs best.

To recap, you can see all the ranges of pricing SiteGround offers here:

SiteGround Hosting Prices

  • Shared Hosting: $3.95/month – $34.95/month
  • Cloud Hosting: $80/month – $240/month
  • Dedicated Hosting: $269/month – $729/month
  • WordPress Hosting: $3.95/month – $34.95/month
  • Reseller Hosting: $42/credit – $49/credit
  • Enterprise Hosting: Quote

All SiteGround plans come with a 30 day money-back guarantee. That means you can try any hosting plan for a month, and if you don’t like it, you can cancel for a full refund. There’s literally no risk involved!

If you’re still unsure, why not check out one of the other top-rated providers we’ve tested? You can read our overview of the best web hosts, or compare them side-by-side in our web hosting comparison chart.


How reliable is SiteGround?

SiteGround is very reliable. It has an uptime of 99.98%, meaning that the sites it hosts are only down for an average of one minute per week. It’s impossible for a hosting provider to guarantee 100% uptime, but SiteGround’s 99.98% is pretty darn close.

Where does SiteGround rank in the providers we’ve tested?

Pretty well, actually. It just missed out on a top five spot, coming in with an overall score of 4 stars out of 5. HostGator is the best provider we’ve tested, scoring 4.6 stars. What it really comes down to, though, is the individual type of hosting you need.

What hosting is SiteGround best for?

WordPress hosting. It’s recommended as one of the top three providers by WordPress itself, and offers great value for money. It also has specific hosting for WooCommerce, so it supports ecommerce too. We wouldn’t recommend its dedicated hosting, however – it’s horribly overpriced.

What is the best hosting type for small businesses?

Again, most of this comes down to your business’ personal needs – but for overall service, you should look at HostGator, InMotion, or Bluehost. To get a better feel of these three providers and more, read our guide to the best web hosting for small business.

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