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A2 Hosting Review | Is It Best for Your Site?

Best for Customer Service

A2 hosting

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Best for Customer Service

Overall rating

4 out of 5 stars

A2 Hosting is a provider with excellent customer support and security. If these are your top priorities, then look no further. Read on as we weigh A2 Hosting's strengths against its weaknesses.

The customer-first hosting provider

Wondering if A2 Hosting could be the best provider for your site? You have good taste – out of the eleven hosting providers we studied in our research, A2 Hosting comes in a respectable fourth place. 

During the search for your best-fit hosting provider, it’s easy for every option to start sounding the same. We’re here to cut through the noise and give you the facts, so that you can make the most informed decision possible – after all, this is a big move for your website! 

Before we get into the weeds, here’s A2 Hosting at a glance:

A2 Hosting

3.7 out of 5


2 out of 5 stars


5 out of 5 stars

Help & Support

5 out of 5 stars

Up Time

2.5 out of 5 stars


2 out of 5 stars

star rating explained

Pros & Cons


  • Any time money-back guarantee: you can get a full refund within the first 30 days of signing up for an account, and a prorated refund at any time after that. This massively sets A2 Hosting apart from its competitors 
  • Responsive customer service: A2 Hosting’s “Guru Crew” customer service team is highly rated, and always around to help
  • Super secure servers: A2 Hosting takes extra measures to make sure its servers – and therefore, your website – are both digitally and physically secure


  • Slightly clunky sign-up process: a crowded homepage and a slow reveal of pricing information make account sign-up harder than it needs to be
  • Not the most competitive uptime on the market: A2 Hosting has a great uptime that will do fine, but if uptime is your top priority, other providers like HostGator and Bluehost can guarantee you an even better percentage

A2 Hosting’s any time money-back guarantee is a major pro, and part of the reason we give this provider a 4.0/5 in value for money. That’s definitely not a category to ignore 88% of people we surveyed named pricing as their most important factor when choosing a hosting provider.

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A2 Hosting in Brief

A2 Hosting started under the name Inquinet in a small, two-room office in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2001. The company is still an independently owned operation based in Ann Arbor, but has expanded to include data centers in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Overall Rank #4 out of 11 hosting providers
Pricing Starting at $1.98/month (renews at $5.99/month)
Hosting Plans Shared, WordPress, VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller
Help & Support 24/7 customer service team
Features cPanel control panel, SSL certificate, free site migration
Uptime 99.90% guarantee

Uptime & Speed

Uptime isn’t A2 Hosting’s “wow” factor, but this provider still covers all of the necessary bases to provide a standard service. Basically, A2 Hosting’s uptime will never leave your site behind the curve – it’s just average.

A2 Hosting claims 99.90% uptime, which translates to just under nine hours of downtime per year. From what we’ve seen, the provider actually performed even better, with an average uptime of 99.95%. Both of these are impressive figures given that 100% uptime is impossible to achieve, and no hosting provider can promise it.

a2 hosting uptime commitment

However, the most competitive uptimes are in the 99.97-99.99% range, so A2 Hosting is pretty middle-of-the-pack in this area. If uptime is your top priority, it’s worth learning more about HostGator, which offers 99.99% uptime.

Load speed is another factor to consider when choosing a hosting provider. It’s an important one, too, since just over half of visitors will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. 

To ensure great load speed, A2 Hosting provides easy Cloudflare setup from your cPanel control panel. Cloudflare is the Content Delivery Network (CDN) recommended by A2 Hosting, and you can choose between its “Free” and “Premium” tiers according to your needs.

CDNs are global networks of servers that are able to deliver web content based on the geographic location of a user. Simply put, a CDN is a middleman that helps you deliver faster site content to your users.

Types & Features

A2 Hosting offers five different types of hosting: Shared, WordPress, VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller. It can be overwhelming trying to decide which type is best for your site, so we’ve outlined the basics of each type below:

  • Shared hosting is the most affordable and beginner-friendly type of hosting, but if you have plans to scale your site, you’ll eventually outgrow it. A2 Hosting’s shared plans averaged 99.95% uptime in our research. Prices start at $1.98/month.
  • WordPress hosting is tailored to WordPress websites and blogs, so if you already have a site with WordPress or want to create one, this is your best option. A2 Hosting’s VPS plans averaged 99.95% uptime in our research. Prices start at $1.98/month.
  • VPS hosting is great for small business sites. It goes beyond the basics of shared hosting, but isn’t as expensive as dedicated plans. A2 Hosting’s VPS plans averaged 99.95% uptime in our research. Prices start at $5/month. 
  • Dedicated hosting is the most expensive, but also the most scalable and powerful type of hosting. A2 Hosting’s dedicated plans averaged 99.94% uptime in our research. Prices start at $99.59/month.
  • Reseller hosting means that you rent hard drive space and bandwidth from A2 Hosting, but unlike every other hosting plan, it doesn’t stop there. You would then rent that space to a third party (for example, to a small business), as if you were the hosting provider. Reseller hosting is only necessary for aspiring web hosting companies or developers. Prices start at $9.80/month.
Want more information on the different hosting types?

A2 Hosting Features

Every A2 Hosting plan comes with a free cPanel control panel and SSL certificate. You’ll also always have the option of free site migration, which is pretty generous considering some providers charge over $100 for that service! A2 Hosting also offers eco-friendly “green hosting” solutions, and special discounts for non-profit businesses. 

As with all providers, other features vary according to hosting type and pricing plan. A2 Hosting gets a score of 4.3/5 in our research for features, which puts it in the middle of the pack – you’ll definitely have what you need, but you may need to pay a little extra to take your site to the next level. 

All of A2 Hosting’s shared and WordPress plans include unlimited SSD storage and transfer, as well as a cPanel control panel. These are pretty standard inclusions across the industry. As you move up the pricing tier of the shared and WordPress plans, you’ll also get unlimited email accounts and automatic site backups.

A2 Hosting’s three VPS plans and four dedicated plans offer a mix-and-match of root access, cPanel control panel, and full HostGuard management.


When you sign up for a plan with A2 hosting, you’ll have the option to:

  • Pay by the month
  • Pay for one year in advance
  • Pay for two years in advance
  • Pay for three years in advance

Three years seems like a huge commitment – so what’s the appeal? The more time you commit to, the lower the prices get. For example, the Lite Shared plan starts at $1.98/month when you pay in advance for three years, versus $3.30/month when you pay by the month. We still think two or three years is a very long time to commit to in advance, but springing for an annually billed plan is probably wisest for your wallet. 

It’s also important to note that hosting providers tend to have confusing promotional prices, and A2 Hosting is no exception. Promotional prices are first-year prices that renew at significantly higher rates. For example, that $3.30/month we mentioned earlier becomes $9.99/month after the first year. This can be frustrating, but once you’re aware of it, you’ll be better equipped to choose the most sensible plan for your budget.

Hosting Type Promotional Price Range Renews At
Shared $1.98-6.27/month $5.99-18.99/month
WordPress $1.98-6.27/month $5.99-18.99/month
VPS $5-25.00/month $5-99.99/month
Dedicated $99.59-141.09/month $119.99-192.99/month
Reseller $9.80-30.38/month $19.99-61.99/month
If you’re looking for the cheapest way to get online, check out:

A2 Hosting’s prices are pretty standard for the industry, and it ranks fourth out of 11 in the “Value for Money” category of our research (we gave it a 4.0/5). For reference, top competitors like Bluehost and HostGator have price ranges of $2.95-119.99/month and $2.75-148.98/month, respectively.

Other providers, like 1&1 IONOS, are cheaper than A2 Hosting, but you get what you pay for. In this case, investing a little more money into A2 Hosting means better customer service, and a wider variety of hosting types to choose from. 

The best part of A2 Hosting’s pricing is its any time money-back guarantee. Other hosting providers usually only offer refunds for up to one month, so A2 Hosting far exceeds the competition with this policy. That said, the money-back guarantee does come with the usual fine print: it won’t be honored if you violate the company’s terms of service, and it doesn’t cover domain registration, setup fees, and migration fees. You get a full refund for the first 30 days, and a prorated refund any time afterwards.

Ready to choose your plan?


In addition to the free SSL certificate included in every plan, A2 Hosting has created its own Perpetual Security initiative, which goes above and beyond to keep your site safe. As part of the initiative, your account comes with free HackScan Protection, working 24/7 to prevent attacks on your site. A2 Hosting Perpetual Security includes a whole host (get it?) of other measures, from the virus scanning you’d expect to more exceptional stuff, such as: 

  • Dual Hosting Firewall: in addition to an overall network firewall, your A2 Hosting account includes an additional server firewall to block unauthorized users. 
  • Limited Server Access: instead of passwords, A2 Hosting’s staff members use keys to access servers. Keys are more secure than passwords, because they function like a conversation between the computer and the server, rather than as a simple code (password) that anyone could potentially guess. 
  • Server Hardening: this means strengthening network settings and tightening access control to increase the server’s security.
  • Reinforced DDoS Protection: Distributed Denial of Service (or DDoS) attacks occur when a large volume of fake traffic gets sent to a web server, using up the server’s resources so that legitimate traffic is unable to access it.
What about physical security? You’ve probably already thought a bit about the digital security measures of your potential hosting provider. But it’s also important to consider the physical security of your site’s server. Visitors to A2 Hosting’s data center require two different security cards to enter the premises, which are enhanced with video surveillance. In addition, each server is fully enclosed by cages, where keys are required to access the server.

With all of these measures in place, A2 Hosting’s servers are well-secured both on and offline.


A2 Hosting hasn’t won our “Best for Customer Service” title for no reason! The provider gets a perfect 5/5 in our research for customer support. The Guru Crew – as A2’s one-to-one assistants like to be called – are available 24/7 to make sure your site runs smoothly. You also get a range of support options – A2 Hosting provides online tickets, a searchable knowledge base, global phone lines, and a live chat feature, where you can hear directly from the Guru Crew.

a2 hosting knowledge base

From the reviews that we’ve read, users are collectively pleased with A2’s customer support in particular. One customer named Shizane explained:

“I’ve asked everything from basic questions to more advanced, and they either answer back right away or in a couple of hours.”

A user named Antonia had a similar experience: 

“Their support is fast, and very helpful for us who work in a fast paced environment.” 

However, we think John summed it up best:

“A2 has the best customer service I have experienced in a web hosting service. They are knowledgeable and fast to get issues solved. I’m glad I switched to them for all my websites.”

While A2 Hosting shines in customer service, it lags slightly behind in ease of use. Once you choose the hosting plan you’d like to sign up for, A2 Hosting asks you to either register a domain, use an existing domain, transfer your domain from another registrar, or use an A2 Hosting subdomain. This section doesn’t mention the price it will charge for a new domain –  this is less than ideal, since you may get deep into the signup process before realizing that you’re overpaying for a domain.

a2 hosting domain checker

During the sign-up process, you’ll be confronted with all kinds of add-ons (dubbed “Configurable Options”) to choose from. Unlike most popular web hosting companies, A2 Hosting doesn’t auto-select paid options that you have to manually uncheck, which is convenient. But this also means the good stuff won’t be checked for you, either. For example, remember to select the free tier of A2’s own website builder if that’s a service you’re interested in.

Another handy configurable option is auto-install for applications such as WordPress or Drupal. Prepping these in the sign-up process before you even get to the control panel is a great option that removes an extra step – a great help for new users.

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Final Thoughts

You can’t really go wrong with A2 Hosting, but that doesn’t mean it’s the top provider for everyone. Overall, A2 Hosting’s score of 4.1 out of 5 in our rankings is well deserved, and it has some very specific strengths. 

A2 Hosting is for you if…

  • Customer support is very important to you
  • Security is very important to you
  • You’re interested in reseller hosting 

A2 Hosting isn’t for you if…

  • Uptime is your #1 priority – for this, you might want to check out HostGator

If you’re really not sure how you feel about A2 Hosting, its any time money-back guarantee makes it a great low-risk provider to try out firsthand. 

If you do have strong hosting opinions, leave a comment and let us know what you value most in a provider!


No! Plenty of top hosting providers offer reseller options, although A2 did make the top three in our roundup of the best reseller hosting providers.

Yes you can – in addition to its hosting service, A2 Hosting also provides a domain registrar. The main benefit of purchasing your domain through A2 Hosting is the convenience of having both services under the same umbrella provider.

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