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Web hosting is a service that lets you publish your website live on the internet.

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    Shahroze Nawaz
    Hello I read the complete article and its really nice. One thing I would mention here I don't recommend people shared hosting becuase it has so many issues with uptime and support. I always recommend to buy small cloud servers like Digitalocean, Linode, Vultr and AWS lightsail. You should review them too. At Cloudways you can launch these servers with few clicks so that is also a good choice to manage your servers :) Thanks
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    • Charlie Carmichael
      Charlie Carmichael
      Hi Shahroze, Thanks for your comment. We agree - shared hosting is best for small personal sites or basic static sites. If you're looking to run a business site or a more comprehensive personal one, cloud or VPS hosting make the most sense. Thanks for your advice, we're constantly testing and reviewing new platforms so keep a look out for more hosting reviews in the near future! All the best, Charlie
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    I understand the concept of your blog post. I am the new beginners on the internet and your post help me lots by giving information about the web hosting. Thanks a lot to the author.
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    • Lucy Carney
      Lucy Carney
      Hi Emily, I'm so glad you found the post interesting and helpful! Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading, Lucy

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