How To Sell On Pinterest: 3 Effective Ways to Make Money

A lot of people go to Pinterest to get inspirations for home décor, fashion, recipes and so on and so forth.

But what most folks don’t realize is that Pinterest is a massive sales channel for businesses.

If you want to quickly and easily grow your online sales, you need to check out how to sell on Pinterest.

Why? Because Pinterest users pay more per order than many other social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter – with Instagram the only major platform coming higher.

How to Sell on Pinterest
Average Order Value on Social Media
Pinterest users have an average order value of $58.95

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As of 2018, it is estimated that Pinterest has over 175 million monthly active users, 75 million of which are from the US alone!

So in other words, it’s a gold mine for ecommerce stores, and you cannot afford to ignore this fact if you plan on growing your business.

Don’t have an ecommerce store yet? No problem.

Unless you’re some sort of tech whiz, the easiest way to create an ecommerce store is through a website builder like Shopify or BigCommerce.

Put simply, a website builder, also known as an online or ecommerce store, is an online platform that lets you to create a website with little to no technical knowhow!

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If you already have an ecommerce store, fantastic! This article is for you too. Read on as we discuss:

  • How selling on Pinterest can work for you.
  • The difference between ‘rich’ pins and ‘buyable’ pins when selling on Pinterest.
  • How you can also make money on Pinterest through affiliate marketing.

How To Sell on Pinterest?

You can sell on Pinterest through what’s called ‘Rich Pins’ which are pins that allow you to purchase the products you see on Pinterest.

Not only do Rich Pins connect your website to your Pinterest account, they will also automatically change your product’s information on Pinterest when you update it.

Things like pricing, availability and store information are all synced between the two, saving you hours of logging into Pinterest and updating all your products to accurately reflect your site.

Rich Pins on Pinterest
Rich Pins allow you to show users your product’s information directly on Pinterest

BigCommerce has a tool that is fully integrated with Pinterest, so that when you (or someone else) pin the product to a Pinterest board, the pin will display the price and inventory count.

This way, the millions of Pinterest users will be able to see that it is available for purchase, and click through to your ecommerce website.

Rich Pins make it so easy for people who are searching for products to buy from you.


Just to let you know that BigCommerce has an exclusive holiday offer for small businesses, giving away up to 3 months free when you sign up to a paid plan! Perfect for getting your Pinterest venture ready for the holiday rush. Take a 15-day free trial to see if it’s right for you.

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What’s the Difference Between Rich Pins and Buyable Pins?

Previously, the millions of Pinterest users couldn’t purchase products directly on Pinterest.

They would have to find the product that interests them, click on it to go to the online store it came from, then purchase the product there.

But what if you could skip this step, and have your customers purchase directly in Pinterest? Talk about convenience!

Well, in 2016, Pinterest introduced ‘Buyable Pins’ where users could purchase products without being redirected away from Pinterest.

Shopify is one of the best ecommerce website builders available today, and they’ve partnered up with Pinterest to enable visitors to purchase your products without ever leaving Pinterest.

Take a look at the following short graphic clip to see how it works:

How to Sell on Pinterest - Buyable Pin

As you can see, millions of daily Pinterest users now have the opportunity to purchase your products directly in Pinterest. This makes it so much more convenient for them, and opens up massive opportunities for you to sell more products.

Buyable Pins are currently only available in the US, and are exclusive to Shopify and BigCommerce. You can click here to take a look at how Shopify’s Buyable Pin works.

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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work on Pinterest?

For those who are unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, let’s start by explaining exactly what this is.

Affiliate marketing is where you get paid by a company for promoting their product.

Companies can track where their sales come from using a special link, known as an affiliate link. If one of their customers buys a product through your promotion, you get a cut of the commission. Simple.

Think of Pinterest as more of a search engine than a social media platform; people come to look for things and, more often than not, to buy.

If you get yourself onto an affiliate marketing programme then all you have to do is start repining your promoted companies’ products while adding your own affiliate link.

Buying and Pinning on Pinterest

Although having your own website isn’t always necessary, it’s worth noting that a lot of affiliate programmes require you to have one. So, if affiliate marketing is something you’re interested in, check out our comparison chart for the best website builders to use.

One of the best things about Pinterest is how users engage with your repins. 80% of all pins are repins, and it usually takes a pin 3 and a half months to get 50% of its engagement. That means a pin, on average, lives for seven months compared to just seven minutes on Twitter!

Better still, you don’t even need a large following for your repins to be seen. Because users search the whole of Pinterest for products, all you have to do is make sure the descriptions of your repins have all the relevant keywords in them.

It’s best to look around first and see how others describe similar products to really get a feel for what people are typing in when searching for that kind of product. Just make sure you provide full disclosure that your repin is for affiliate purposes.  

After all, the more accurate your keywords are, the more people will see your repin, and the more people that see your repin, the more money you will make.


Conclusion: How to Sell on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the biggest social media channels in the world today.

Even though Facebook has more users, Pinterest is a better channel for selling products for business owners, and the average dollar-per-transaction is much higher than most other social media networks.

Remember, a lot of Pinterest visitors are already interested in learning more about products. They are not there to see updates from friends, they visit Pinterest to look at products, get inspirations, and purchase.

So, if you are not yet displaying your products on Pinterest, you should definitely consider doing so.

Using Shopify or BigCommerce, you can pull through your product information for users to see directly on Pinterest using Rich Pins.

You can also allow them to purchase your products without leaving Pinterest, making their transaction process much easier, with Buyable Pins.

If you are already pinning your products on Pinterest, you should consider using Shopify’s Buyable Pins, to make it extra easy for users to buy directly from you.

Aside from selling your own products, Pinterest also offers a great way to make money through affiliate marketing.

The easiest way to hop on the money-spinning bandwagon is to check out guides on the top 10 affiliate marketing programmes on Pinterest and find on that works for you!

For the best chance of success, though, you’ll need a website.

Shopify is one of the world’s best ecommerce website builders, providing you with professionally designed storefront themes and over 1,000 apps to add more tools to your store.

BigCommerce is another brilliant option, and is fully integrated with Pinterest.

So, if you are considering selling on Pinterest, definitely check out Shopify or BigCommerce. They are essential to selling on Pinterest.

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