Website Builder Bulletin: Wix Adds Knowledge Centers, Weebly Revamps its Analytics

Website Builder Bulletin

Every month we collate the biggest updates to website builders. The major platforms are constantly rolling out new features, so there’s a lot to keep track of. Wix have been busy, rolling out a slew of new features. Weebly continues its shift towards ecommerce, while Site123 gets on the gradient train.

Wix →

Create Knowledge Centers

Wix has added the ability to create knowledge centers. Its new knowledge base software allows you to organize documentation for your site. User guides, tutorials, and FAQs are built in to the software. It’s a testament to Wix’s confidence in its product that they’re rolling out features like this. Knowledge centers exist for large sites bursting with content, which a lot of website builders can’t really handle.

Wix Knowledge Centers

Improved SEO Capabilities

Mobile-first indexing is a hot topic in search engine optimization at the moment, and Wix is updating its in-house tools to keep pace. Wix sites are automatically optimized for mobile already, but the SEO Wiz has added a Mobile Editor section so users can see what’s going on behind the scenes (and make any tweaks they deem appropriate).

Third-Party Tracking in Analytics

For the Big Brothers out there, Wix has rolled out new tracking tools for its analytics. You can now embed third-party tracking codes and custom codes to monitor your site’s traffic. Very useful for optimization.


Weebly →

Facebook Messenger Integration

The big update at Weebly has been linking up with Facebook Messenger. Facebook Business pages can now be linked with Weebly sites, meaning site owners can chat with customers from just about anywhere. A very savvy addition.

Analytics Revamp

Weebly has given its analytics a makeover. The old ‘Stats Card’ has been replaced by an Insights section, which houses traffic, sales, and marketing information in one place. Ecommerce-specific stats like top products and conversion rates are part of the update. These changes have been incorporated into Weebly’s mobile app, so you can check analytics on the go.


Squarespace →

Email Campaigns

Squarespace announced it will soon be upping its email game. Its new campaigns platform comes with over 30 fully customisable layouts. It includes pretty sophisticated analytics, so you can revise your campaigns to get the most out of them. As you’d expect, it’s all very stylish.

SITE123 →

Gradient Backgrounds

Web design is awash in gradients at the moment, and SITE123 has responded by adding them as a page background option. It’s a simple tool, but it sure does look stylish.

Product Duplication & Selection

You are now able to duplicate items, which is especially handy for ecommerce. The ability to select multiple items has also been rolled out, so adding and changing items should now be a lot faster.


GoDaddy →

Blog Categories

GoCentral blogs can now be organized into categories. A site can have one blog in one place, or it can have multiple blogs spread out across different pages.

Contact Forms

A little touch, but one overlooked by many. You can now add a personalized thank-you message for visitors after they submit a contact form. Human touches like that add a some warmth to a website, not to mention that it’s worth being friendly for its own sake.


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